Mental Health Awareness at InDebted

10 Oct 2018
R u ok1

In line with World Mental Health Day, we delve into some statistics that are close to home:

All these numbers tells us that mental health is something that we have to take seriously. Besides prioritizing your own mental health, we have to play a part in ridding the stigmas surrounding mental health struggles. In a startup environment, it is especially important to maintain a compassionate and open work culture. Working in a fast paced industry that is rife with competition, volatile advancements and steep learning curves, supportive colleagues and mental health awareness can help alleviate stress!

Last month, team InDebted came together to celebrate R U Okay day, a national day dedicated to reminding everyone to care for people around us and support those struggling with life. It was a good reminder for us to be sensitive of each another's needs, not only on days like these, but also to check in on your fellow workmates as we fight our daily battles.

r u ok2

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