Compliance is the key to ethical and respectful collection practices.

Through sophisticated technology and a rigorous compliance framework InDebted sets the benchmark in compliant collection practices. This protects our brand and yours.

Our Approach To Compliance

We take a detailed approach to managing our compliance with the various federal and state requirements that exist within the markets we operate in.

Maintaining compliance is not only the our responsibility, as such, we ensure that our partners and customers adhere to our framework for the mutual protection of all brands and customers.

In addition to rigorous training, legally approved processes, and continuous quality assurance, we underpin our approach through code-driven compliance and our industry leading compliance firewall.

Code of Conduct

InDebted adopt the ADCBA code of conduct which is our industry's leading application of ethical practices.

Licencing Requirements

InDebted is licensed within every state and territory that we operate.

Compliance Reporting

For more information, or to report a potential breach, contact our compliance team via:

Code-driven Compliance.

Whilst even the most well trained agents can make mistakes you can be assured that your customers receive compliant processes thanks to our proprietary compliance firewall.

  • Compliance Firewall

    Every action performed within the InDebted platform is first validated against our compliance firewall which references geographical compliance requirements from our system.

  • Powerful User Permissions

    Highly configurable user permissions protect private data and ensure that only the right team member can perform the correct action.

  • Detailed Record Keeping

    A detailed, user-specific, audit trail for all activities and actions performed within our platform is stored forever.

  • Proactive Breach Detection

    We leverage various approaches such as automated transcript reviews and sentiment analysis to proactively detect possible compliance breaches.