Changing the world of consumer debt recovery for good.

Businesses of all sizes—from startups to enterprises—use InDebted’s intelligent collections product to increase recoveries, see faster liquidation, and empower their customers.
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A new way to Collect

Nobody can change the fact that debt happens. But we can change the experience of being in debt, by creating a better way for businesses to support people who fall behind across all types of unsecured consumer credit.

Our Collect product delivers up to 40% increased recovery performance, while being the world’s highest rated debt collection solution for customer experience.

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Collect is built for security, speed and scale

Regulatory compliance is secured by code, and certified to the world’s highest standards for data security. Simply feed your overdue accounts into our product to provide every single one of your customers with a personalised debt collection experience.
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Drive more recoveries, support customer outcomes

With Collect, you’ll experience a better way to recover debt that’s trusted by businesses—and their customers—around the world.
5 Customer Google review

I was so surprised how easy and user-friendly it was to set up a payment plan. However, I was even more surprised by how helpful the live chat was. Nhie was efficient and amiable, and helped resolve everything super fast. Totally changed my perspective of debt resolution.

Jan Hansson - VP, Collections Klarna

As a global debt collection agency, partnering with InDebted has saved us the time, cost and inefficiencies of needing a new supplier in every region. InDebted is a key part of us delivering our customers a better way to shop, globally.

Supercharge your collections experience

Over 1000+
Five star Google reviews left by real customers we’ve supported
Over 0x higher
Customer engagement using machine learning
10% higher
Recovery performance compared to traditional collections
10% increase
In payment conversions delivered by our new email scheduling machine learning model
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How we use large language models (LLM) to personalise customer communications Personalised customer experiences set intelligent debt collection apart from the rest of the industry. To take personalisation even further, we’ve developed an AI copywriter within our product which uses large language models (LLM). Last updated February 13, 2024
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Launching Spanish language capability in Collect Now, Collect’s new end-to-end Spanish experience can support more of your customers in the United States, in their preferred language. Last updated September 11, 2023
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Access visibility into your customers accounts’ performance with our new Portal feature Read about our latest client feature and how it enables real-time access into how accounts are performing, and more Last updated August 3, 2023
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View InDebted’s commitment to security with our Vanta trust report Access InDebted’s Vanta trust report to see how we keep your business and customers safe Last updated July 17, 2023

Intelligent debt collection. Faster, smarter, better.

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