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Quick and effective debt recovery services that are trusted by thousands of Australian clients.


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What makes InDebted different?

We do things a little differently, here's a quick overview of just a few of InDebted's unqiue offering.

Simple Pricing

Our pricing is simple, we take 20% of anything we succesfully collect. If we don't collect, you don't pay - it's that simple.

Absolutely no other fees.

Live Debt Updates

Stay up to date with that is happening on your files with 24/7 access to our online client portal.

Phone Support & Live Chat also provided.
Coming July

Next Day Disbursements

Once we collect your debt and the payment clears, your funds will be transfered to your account the same day.

No one else can say that.

Airtight Compliance

InDebted is a licenced debt collection agency in every state and territory in the country. Our practices are 100% complaint - this protects our brand and yours.

Superior Performance

InDebted consistently outperforms its peers across a variety of industries. Propritary technology and exceptional staff and just two of the reasons why.

Transparent Legal

Less than 5% of our debts require legal action, if it is required, we provide a transparent process that you control.

InDebted is trusted by thousands of customers across Australia and New Zealand.

ACCC Compliant & Licensed in all States
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Member of Institute of Mercantile Agents
Robust Security & Privacy Measures

How It Works

Firstly it is important to understand that every debt is unique. Whilst we have various processes that we follow, each debt is approached differently based on a variety of factors such as; age, history, contact information, credit data, industry type and so on.

If you're new to InDebted your debt(s) will be reviewed to determine eligibility. We will also share some insight into what you can expect and things that we will be looking for.

As we charge no fees unless we collect, we are of course motivated to collect your debt as soon as possible. However, there are strict regulations that apply to how you contact someone, how often, at what times, and of course what you say. Compliance is not just our responsibility but also yours.

Still have questions? Review further information on our help center.
  1. 1

    Submit your first debt

    If you are new submit your first debt using our online form. This will allow us to create an account for you, making it easier to submit debts in the future.

  2. 2

    File review and kick off

    A team member will review your account to make sure we have everything. Once ready we will start the process.

  3. 3

    Collection process

    We will keep working on the file until we collect the debt, or you tell us to stop. Learn more about our process here.

  4. 4

    Getting paid

    Once we collect the funds you will be notified and payment will arrive in you account in 24 hours.

We help businesses like yours every day.

"Great website, simple process and amazing customer service. Thank you again!"

Vanessa Vanderhaven Design
Melbourne, AU

"Thank you again, such a professional service, I am very pleased."

Andrew B. Project Earthmoving
Brisbane, AU

"Beyond impressed with the quality of service provided by InDebted."

Kaye G. Talbots Accounting
Sydney, AU

"Effective debt collection and still protecting our customer relationships. Great work!"

Leah D. Safesmart Access
Auckland, NZ

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Simple, transparent pricing.

Our customers love our simple all-inclusive pricing. There are no up-front fees, no annual fees, no skip tracing fees, no other fees whatsoever.

No Collection. No Fee.


Our pricing is simple. We charge a flat 20% fee on anything we collect. That's it, really.