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September 17, 2018

Josh Foreman on Potential in Creating Opportunity at TYN Summit 2018

Lachlan Heussler

Last Friday, our founder and CEO Josh was invited to attend Westpac’s The Youth Network summit as a panel speaker.

Alongside all-star executives from four other companies, Josh shared his insights and thoughts on the topic “Potential in Creating Opportunity.”

Here are some nuggets of wisdom he shared with the audience of young Westpac Group employees and associates.

On getting ready for a start-up geared workforce:

Getting the right people for your business is key. On one hand, there is always a shortage of talented and skilled people. On the other hand, there is increasing demand and expectation for rewarding work, empowerment, and flexibility. To retain good people, it is important to promote continuous learning and to nurture passions into strengths.

On predictions for the near future:

We know the machine learning and data will be playing a bigger part in our lives soon. You can’t stop innovation, so you should be a part of it. Learn how to mitigate possible impacts and be positive about redefining concepts and processes.