Meet The Team
June 18, 2018

Meet our Intern: Clement

Jag Khangura

We catch up with our summer interns to find out what they thought about their time with us!

I’m Clement, a 3rd-year Commerce student from the University of Sydney majoring in Finance and Marketing. In my spare time, I am a freelance illustrator!

During my internship at InDebted, I tracked and engaged leads from both inbound and outbound channels and attempted to convert them into sales. I had the chance to try my hands at various tools that the company has used or tried.

My favourite part of the internship would most certainly be the skill development and training available. As a business development intern, I received comprehensive sales training from InDebted that continued to benefit me today, be it for schoolwork or work. Other than that, the office culture and environment is amazing!

I gained much-needed experiences and skills that are critical assets valued by the financial industry when recruiting fresh graduates/graduates-to-be, and that became a solid foundation from which I am building my future endeavours off. Other than that, my time at InDebted has greatly enhanced my business acumen and confidence too. All in all, I had a comprehensive and well-rounded stint at InDebted that has greatly prepared me for the professional workforce.

Keen to join us in disrupting the debt collection industry? Hit us up, we are always looking for new talent!