Meet The Team
May 23, 2018

Meet our Intern: Faizan

Jag Khangura

We catch up with our summer interns to find out what they thought about their time with us!

My name is Faizan. I am originally from Pakistan, but have lived abroad for most of my adult life. I completed my undergraduate studies in the UK and I’ve worked in Washington DC.

I recently completed my LLM from the University of Sydney, as I wanted to experience student life in one of the top 50 universities in the world. My Masters in Business Law focused mainly on international commercial dispute resolution.

I joined InDebted in January 2018 and completed my internship in March 2018. Having a range of work experiences in the legal and public sector, I wanted to get into something that is fresh and full of energetic people, something that has a better social impact on the world. What surprised me the most was how seductive this working environment has been: the pace of the business, the speed at which the business pivots, and the constant grind of it all has made my internship experience one I will cherish.

How did you find out about InDebted?

I’ve always wanted to get into the startup game, as I have known firsthand the hardships of starting a business that can stand on its own feet, especially in industries that are saturated by many other competitors.

I found and applied for an internship position at InDebted after searching for a FinTech company that was relevant to the legal field and my areas of interests. I was lucky that InDebted’s internship program opened its doors at the exact time I completed my university obligations, so the timing was aligned for me to have a chance to learn in a startup environment.

What did you do at InDebted? Tell us the favourite part about your internship here.

I think it is important to note that roles within startups are generally not well defined, and work is shared by all departments. During my time at InDebted, I worked with the revenue team of the company, generating leads and building a reliable pipeline for future sales. This was challenging for me as I came from a legal background and lacked basic sales skills. I also worked on drafting and checking legal documents and other research oriented projects for the company.

The most enjoyable part of working at InDebted was having new and different tasks assigned to me regularly. Every day felt like an adventure - I would wake up invigorated daily and I felt very satisfied of my accomplishments at the end of my internship. Although the InDebted team is small, the people here are very friendly and welcoming. Every person is highly skilled and willing to help a new starter at any point of the day. Lunches were fun as I got to sit with some and learn from their experiences.

One last question: What is one thing you want to achieve in life?

I have always had a passion for legal studies and I want to practice law. Being a fresh graduate, I am still unsure as to the kind of practice I want to join. Nonetheless, I am steadfast in my passion for the legal profession.

My ultimate goal is to set up my own law firm dealing the corporate matters, with a division dedicated to pro bono work for those in need. My experience at InDebted, though tiny in the grand scheme of things, has taught me how to nurture a business and has given me the tools to grow my own ideas in the future.