Meet The Team
July 25, 2018

Meet Our Intern: May

Jag Khangura

We catch up with our summer interns to find out what they thought about their time with us! May is now a customer service agent on our operations team - hit us up to find out all the exciting opportunities we are offering as we grow!

Hi, I am May and I am currently in my last year at Macquarie University as an International Business and Commerce major! A little bit about myself, my background is Cambodian, and I live in south-west Sydney. I am interested in anything that is new. In particular, in my spare time I love reading about the human body and the biology and chemistry that runs it.

What drew you to InDebted?

I was attracted to InDebted’s growing global presence, and their innovative product as a FinTech company. I was impressed by how they managed to expand into various countries as a small company, and the strategical moves taken for their high rate expansion was something that I was interested to learn about during my internship.

Tell us about your experience as an InDebted intern.

My internship at InDebted was my first venture into business development. We were given adequate and 1-on-1 training to build our skills and prepare us for our daily tasks. I had the opportunity to do different things during my internship, including sales and customer service. As I was also interested in the backend development of the company, I reached out to the development team in my last month to see if I could have a chance to help out in their operations. With the frontend experience I accumulated in the first two months, I was able to identify problems and submitted requests to improve the product from a client’s and a user’s perspective. I also helped the team with quality assurance, testing all the issues and fixes made by the IT team to ensure that the platform was running smoothly.

To be honest, I loved everything about my time at InDebted. I enjoyed working with a very comfortable team, the hangouts and the drinks after work, the cute little dog in our office that helps us destress, the lunch treats from my colleagues. The best thing about working at InDebted is the straightforward communication across the team. As InDebted has a horizontal management system, it made it easier for me to approach anyone for feedbacks and other concerns.

My internship at InDebted was a memorable one. I am thankful for all the support and guidance I have received, as I have now gotten a taste of how a company actually runs.