Who Is InDebted And Why Have You Contacted Me?

Dean Kelly
Dean Kelly

"Who is InDebted and why have you contacted me?"

This is a common customer response when first receiving InDebted communication, so please allow us to introduce ourselves.

InDebted is an Australian debt collection agency who have become a global leader in the field through being everything traditional debt collection is not.

Transparency breeds trust, so we’ll acknowledge the elephant in the room upfront: traditional debt collection sucks.

Think about it - it’s rude, impersonal, relies on old-school communications like phone calls and snail mail and it doesn’t support what should be the number one goal in this industry - delivering the best customer service experience imaginable.

We’re digital-first with amazing online technology delivering our customers the tools they need to resolve their account as smoothly as possible.

new and better customer journey

The majority of our customers complete their InDebted payment journey without speaking to us - so none of the slow, painful phone calls or paying at a post office here!

Payment plans are customisable online so if your circumstances change, so can your plan. Should you prefer speaking to someone, our amazing customer service team is ready to help (don’t take our word for how good they are, look at our Google customer rating).

Basically, we’re here to empower our customers’ financial fitness.

So that’s all well and good, but why have we contacted you?

You may have an overdue account and we work with an ever-growing number of partners who choose InDebted to support customers in resolving their account.

Customer feedback tells us receiving communication via email or SMS is most preferred - after all, who wants to receive out of the blue a phone call on an overdue account? Digital communication makes the payment process far easier for customers, who can click a link and immediately be on their way to account resolution.

If you’d like to learn more about us, please go through our website. We’re real people and truly care about supporting our customers and erasing the stigma of debt collection.