You're Not Alone

Dean Kelly
Dean Kelly

If you ever feel like you’re alone in managing debt, you may be surprised to know you’re actually with the majority of Australian and New Zealander households.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 74% of Australian households have debt*, while the majority of New Zealand households are also in debt based on Stats NZ research**.

A step further, in late 2019 Australian households were deemed to have the world's second-highest level of household debt*** and with the COVID-19 pandemic impacting our lives for the foreseeable future, these figures sadly will rise.

While the reasons behind debt vary greatly, for so many customers it can stem from simply forgetting a bill or an unexpected expense wiping out their budget. COVID-19 is a once-in-a-century catastrophe for example which has seemingly turned the world upside down in an incredibly short time.

Finances do not define us as humans so it’s crucial to avoid the trap of allowing an overdue account becoming all-consuming on our minds. The worst action to take with debt is taking no constructive action, even if the debt itself is top of mind. The longer a balance remains unattended to, the longer it takes to build financial fitness.  

Remember - an overdue account is only a temporary step in your financial journey.

When becoming an InDebted customer please do not be afraid of us - we come in peace and genuinely care about your wellbeing. Our industry-leading customer service team, who have an industry-leading Google Customer Rating as seen below, is incentivised with their quality of service because when we say we are erasing the stigma of debt collection, we mean it.


Any communication you receive from us will be polite and respectful because we’re real people talking with real people. Harassment is never okay and we’ll always give you respect because you deserve it.

If circumstances are impacting your payment ability please let us know as soon as you can so we may best assist you. Being proactive in discussing your balance is a tremendous boost for your financial fitness and we’ll work with you to help guide your balance’s next steps.

Our online payment platform is hassle-free and easy to navigate so you can self-serve at your own pace. The majority of our customers complete their InDebted journey without speaking to anyone.

If you’ve got any questions on your InDebted account please ask us anytime, because you’re not alone and we’re always here to help.