InDebted’s real time scalability with leading BNPL provider

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InDebted partners with a publicly-listed BNPL provider whose mission is to power an economy in which everyone wins. With over 20 million active customers worldwide, InDebted supports their collections needs in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.


When macroeconomic factors or rapid growth increase the number of customers entering into collections, third party agencies must be able to meet these volumes while providing a high level of customer support and consistent liquidation.

As most third party collections agencies are reliant on headcount, their ability to scale is limited by time, staffing and capital constraints. Their clients are forced to use multiple suppliers to service their volumes, or pause account referrals and therefore collections activity simply because their collections partners don’t have the staff or infrastructure to support their customers.


The Buy Now Pay Later industry requires a collections solution that can match its rapid scale and support overdue customers in real-time. By being product-led and digital first, InDebted’s operations enable this, providing outstanding and intuitive support to customers irrespective of volumes. 

In the United States alone, 65% of this BNPL client’s past due customers are referred to InDebted - and this figure continues to increase in real time. Between December 2022 and February 2023 alone, their account volumes referred to InDebted increased by over 200%. February 2023 saw an all time high of 120,000 accounts referred in a single month, with over half a million AUD in collections referred per day. 

How does it work?

As soon as one of their customers becomes overdue, they’re immediately referred into our collections ecosystem. Once our product has automatically scrubbed account lists and matched their region with our compliance firewall, collections activity starts straight away through digital channels. 

This process eliminates the need for manual file transfers, scrubbing and data security processes, and provides an entirely new solution for businesses with customers in multiple regions with specific compliance requirements. 

By being digital-first, customers can receive collections communications from our product in real time, and manage their debt independently - rather than being sent into an automated dialler queue for the next agent available to call. 

Offering the only multi-market compliant and scalable solution for global or enterprise businesses, InDebted is adaptable in real time to an influx of customers, without an over-reliance on agent headcount to ensure your customers are supported through their collections journey.


We provide the same level of outstanding, intuitive support to customers irrespective of volumes. During this peak February period, one of this BNPL providers’ customers left the following review: 

“I wish every company used you guys. Debt collection is never an enjoyable experience, especially since it usually happens when you’re at your lowest low (in life overall), but you guys have made it simple and painless. I actually felt encouraged - not pushed - to resolve this. I can’t say I’ve ever felt that before from a debt collector. The flexibility of setting payments up on my own (instead of having to shamefully call someone) let me actually feel in control of my finances again for the first time in a long time, which actually gave me a sense of hope. I really needed that.”  - February 2023

Fintech, BNPL
Business size
20 million customers

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