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Partnering with fintechs to drive growth

Delivering innovative financial services products leaves little time – or resources – to develop a collections strategy. Our digital debt collection platform has the in-built expertise needed to support your debt collection needs, helping you to stay focused on your growth.

Why InDebted

A technology-first approach to collections and customer experience

Your customers are accustomed to a simple, tech-enabled brand experience, and your collections shouldn’t be any different.

A digital platform that mirrors your digital engagement

Your customers operate in an online world, preferring to self-serve and expecting any communications to be timely and personalized. Our digital collections approach meets those expectations by engaging with them using the channel of their choice, when they want.

In-built compliance alleviates your regulatory concerns

Complying with the many legal obligations around debt collection is time-consuming and requires specialist expertise. Our tech platform has a built-in and automated compliance service that covers all global markets: we take care of everything regulatory so you don’t have to.

A positive collections experience that protects your brand

Happy customers stay with organizations. By delivering a positive debt collection experience we help you hold onto your customers, minimizing the cost of churn and keeping your reputation intact.

Client Testimonial

Our customers are central to everything that we do and this includes those that have missed a payment. InDebted's partnership has given us the confidence to outsource our collections needs, knowing that our customers will have a positive experience.

Tracy Glen

Head of Customer Assist & Fraud Operations

Latitude Financial Services

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Traditionally, debt collectors have been incentivized by the amount of money they recover. But here at InDebted, we believe there’s a better approach that not only leads to greater recoveries, but happier and more satisfied customers.
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In less than a decade, the buy now, pay later sector has expanded exponentially around the world. But this rapid growth has brought its own particular challenges, especially around how to deal with overdue accounts – and it's here where a digital debt collection strategy offers the best solution.

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