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Updated Dec 21, 2022

View InDebted’s commitment to security with our Vanta trust report

By InDebted

Due diligence is an essential element of vetting any new collections partner, but it can be a time consuming process. Security and compliance reviews are a key step to help our clients understand the extensive practices we have in place to protect their business, and their customers.

To speed up the process, we’ve engaged an external security monitoring partner to demonstrate how we deliver above and beyond the industry’s most sought after standards. Now, you can view the results through our Vanta Trust Report, which includes easy access to InDebted’s ISO certificates, PCI compliance, and how we’re passing continual monitoring tests across areas including data, privacy, and product security in real time.

Save time in due diligence with our live trust report

You can access the report here to view:

  • ISO certifications
  • PCI certifications
  • Infrastructure security controls
  • Organisational security measures
  • Product security controls
  • Internal security procedures
  • Data privacy protections

The trust report is integrated with InDebted’s internal teams, so you have full transparency into how our activities are compliant with all requirements, in real-time.

InDebted’s goal is to set a new standard of practice for the debt collection industry. Clients are trusting us with incredibly sensitive data and customer information, and our trust report allows us to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to employing robust security measures to protect that information both internally and externally.” Tim Collins, Chief Compliance Officer

Protect your customers and their data worldwide

Having the right measures in place to protect information has never been more crucial. In 2021, there was an estimated ransomware attack on businesses every 11 seconds, and with the average cost of a financial services data breach standing at $5.85M, higher than any other industry.

Being data-driven infers the need to collect, categorise and analyse vast amounts of customer and company data. This data needs to be protected to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability, whilst ensuring we follow a privacy by design approach to the development of our systems.

The more data, the more advanced security measures adhering to the highest industry standards are needed. Home to the world’s largest collections data warehouse, our product and infrastructure is built to the highest levels of security across data encryption, segmentation, vulnerability testing and firewalls.

Intelligent debt collection offers an entirely new solution for adhering to compliance requirements. Clients can be safe in the knowledge that all collections activity carried out by our Collect product meets the highest data security standards around the world. This means that our clients benefit not only from the advanced capabilities of the product and machine learning models, but also from our strict adherence to how this data is protected.” Pierre Bergamin, VP, Engineering

You can rest assured knowing that when partnering with InDebted, the best interests of your business and your customers are protected throughout.

Choose intelligence, without the risk

As ‘digital’ debt collection becomes more prevalent, it’s important to scrutinise how such providers guarantee that your information is secure and your customers are protected, in order to mitigate risk. . No collection agency can treat compliance as a compromise, and the importance of protecting the businesses we partner with always comes first. Our trust report demonstrates our commitment to protecting your data and provides full transparency into the internal protocols we have in place, along with displaying the real-time status of commonly asked requests for tests and controls.

The advantage when selecting intelligent debt collection is you leverage the superior performance of our collection product, assured by the industry’s highest information standards and processes.

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