Corporate Governance

We lead the industry with compliance secured by code, international quality and information security certifications, and a compensation model that rewards great customer experience, not dollars collected.

Potential for Compliance Risks Mitigated

InDebted is committed to our strategy of being the leading destination for consumers in debt to rehabilitate their financial health and leveraging machine learning and digital first communication to offer a customer-centric approach to debt collection. To support accountability and transparency in the provision of professional debt collection services to our Clients and their Customers through meeting our key service levels, being productive, efficient and continuing to innovate and a compensation model that rewards great customer experience, not dollars collected. Effective governance is key to InDebted’s ability to deliver on our purpose and strategy.

InDebted is committed to continuously improving our governance practices and ensuring that they are aligned with our business and stakeholders’ needs. InDebted Group operates in many regulated jurisdictions and must comply with its licensed, legal, regulatory and privacy obligations in those jurisdictions (such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States of America and the United Kingdom.

The InDebted Group regularly reviews and refines its corporate governance arrangements and practices in light of new laws and regulations, evolving stakeholder expectations and the dynamic environment in which the InDebted Group operates.

The InDebted Group’s Governance Framework is based on accountability, effective delegation and adequate oversight to support sound decision-making.

We remain focused on shaping a culture that supports the achievement of business strategies, including sustaining our focus on risk culture to enable better outcomes for our customers and stakeholders. In addition, effective management of risks plays an important role in shaping InDebted’s strategic direction, contributes to evidence-based decision-making, help us build capability and reinforces an organisational culture that is focused on and is critical to the successful delivery of InDebted’s purpose.

InDebted accepts that, on occasions, even with sound risk management practices, things may go wrong. On such occasions we will take the opportunity to review the reasons for the failure and endeavour to further strengthen our controls to reduce the likelihood of a recurrence.

Compliance Firewall

Our proprietary technology includes a compliance firewall which secures local regulatory compliace by code.

Secure Facility

We have a secure digital office environment with strict document retention and funds management procedures.

Access Controls

Sensitive customer data is protected by a select group of individuals on our team and actions are written to an immutable log.



ISO27001 logo

InDebted is accredited under ISO 27001, the international standard for information security management.


ISO9001 logo

InDebted is accredited under ISO 9001, the international standard for quality management systems.


AFCA logo

InDebted is a member of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority, member number 71939.


ACL logo

InDebted is licensed as an Australian Credit Licensee puruant to the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009.