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Updated 29/09/2021

Removing Barriers to Financial Freedom with 24/7 Customer Service

By Russell Cummings

With an industry leading Google customer rating of 4.9/5 stars, our mission is to be the preferred choice of customers to support their debt free journey, everywhere. 

As an organisation, it is this mission that drives us each and every day. When a customer chooses to engage with us, I’m accountable for what happens next. This means ensuring that our customer experience is upholding this mission, servicing our global markets with flawless customer service, whenever customers need us.

Our approach to customer engagement couldn’t be more different to the traditional debt collection agencies. It’s not about how much we collect, it’s about how we collect. 

I believe we’re the world’s only debt collection agency incentivising customer service staff purely on the level of service provided to the customer. An InDebted customer service team member delivering exceptional experience will receive the same incentive for a customer with a $50 outstanding balance, as a customer with a $5000 outstanding balance. This is how we ensure that every customer gets the same level of attention and care, regardless of their outstanding balance.

But we’re also a tech company with a passion for making debt collection better, rather than a debt collection company trying to make better tech. 

Our platform uses machine learning to continually improve and understand when, how, and where customers want to be communicated with. When a customer engages with the platform, if they are unable to self-serve using our online tools or specifically want to speak to one of our customer service team, it will direct them to the team member best suited to the inquiry. The more customers engage with the platform, the more it learns. It’s cyclical - it’s all about continuous learning and improvement. 

We want our technology, combined with our team, to deliver the best customer service experience possible. I’ve spent 25 years in the collections industry, and throughout this time it’s been my goal to achieve 24/7 global customer service, while maintaining the level of flawless quality and outstanding experience that differentiates InDebted.

I’m proud to share that as of this week, InDebted’s service hours meet that 24/7 goal, enabling us to better support customers on their debt free journey. 

For the majority of our customers, there will be a member of our customer service team available on our digital channels, at all times. Customers can choose to engage with customer service whenever suits them best. Waiting for “open hours” is now a thing of the past. We’re always here to help. 

This has been achievable by growing our team, complemented by our smart technology and global footprint. Our flexible rostering for our customer service team will cover different four day consecutive schedules, in line with our four day work week. Following the review of one years’ worth of inbound data, we were able to effectively forecast and schedule our workforce planning, informed by how and when customers want to engage with us. 

It’s our vision to remove barriers to financial freedom for all people. 

I believe that operating on a 24/7 basis for our customers will empower them more than ever to drive the agenda, engage with us as they choose, and restore their financial freedom. 

We’re proud to deliver impeccable customer service, with team members dispersed around the globe available 24/7 to ensure each and every single person that engages with us receives personalised care and attention - that’s the InDebted difference. 

We're customer obsessed - are you?

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