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Updated 2/11/2022

Aaron Craig on the power of opportunity

By InDebted

Aaron Craig is a St Louis, Missouri based Training and Development Specialist at InDebted. Having recently progressed into the role following just over a year as a Customer Engagement Specialist, Aaron has a unique appreciation for how opportunity can change lives for the better.

Alongside his wife, Aaron co-founded an NFP to provide opportunity and resources for families in his community. He’a also a proud father of four children, two of which are adopted, with a six-month old baby currently living with him through foster care. It doesn’t stop there - he also coaches seventh and eighth grade basketball, and eighth grade football at his local school. In short, he’s an exceptional person.

We caught up with Aaron to learn more about all of the incredible ways he spends his time, and how life at InDebted has supported him to support others. 

How did you come to be a part of InDebted?

I joined Delta Outsource Group in February 2020 as a Customer Engagement Specialist before the company was acquired by InDebted the following year, so technically speaking, I’ve been here for 18 months. This was just a regular collections role before I was successful in being promoted to the Training and Development Specialist position this August. I think the whole acquisition and everything InDebted has brought to the table has been amazing, I couldn’t ask for more. The leadership and management style is completely different, and to be part of a company that is all about the experience of their employees and customers is amazing.

What do you do outside of work?

My wife and I have two biological sons aged 12 and 9, two adopted daughters aged 4 and 2, the youngest of which has been hospitalized since June of this year, and we also provide foster care - currently, for a 6 month old baby boy. So at the moment I have five kids - recently I had seven, but two moved on and are living with their grandmother. I also coach basketball and football at my son’s school, and to take it one step further, my wife and I started an NFP. 

What does your NFP involve?

In our local area, there’s a huge need for after school activities and opportunities for children from kindergarten through to grade eight. We provide this through team sporting events and a study hall that’s a safe space for reading, studying and learning support. We also support the parents, as they’re the foundation of a strong household. We do this through providing resources such as lessons on how to cook on a budget for large families. Through equipping the parents with more knowledge and resources, we open up more opportunities for the kids. 

How did you get into foster caring?

It was through my wife, as she studied Human Development and Family Studies. When she graduated, she was working as an adoption case worker for a private adoption company. She saw things here that really struck a chord, and I got involved as the support system. Once you’re involved, it’s hard to say no - you want to give every kid everything you can. We don’t have the biggest house, we don’t have the nicest car, but we provide care, support, learning opportunities, and good food for these kids that they weren't getting in their previous situation. Whenever we get a call about taking on another foster child, I ask myself “where else are they going to go?” 

Why is community important to you?

After I started having kids, it was no longer about me. My kids are the ones who have to grow up in this world. Whatever I can do to make this area a better place for them and their kids - that’s what I'm about. There are so many kids who don’t have opportunities, and to be able to help them and make those opportunities happen is amazing for me. 

How does InDebted support your life?

Immensely! Making the transition into the new position has been amazing for me. There’s such a focus on the life and happiness of employees here. We have amazing trust and flexibility to be autonomous and have a schedule that supports life outside of work, so long as the job gets done, and I love that. With all of the autonomy and a 4 day work week, I’m able to spend more time at the hospital to be with my daughter, be there for my son’s game, go to basketball practice, and support my community. aaron-craig-family.png

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