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Updated 20/10/2020

Sooner Rather Than Later

By InDebted

If you’re an InDebted customer receiving ongoing communication from us but have been worried about engaging with us, please know the sooner you act, the faster we can help.

It can become a habit to see an InDebted message appear in your inbox or on your phone and think “I’ll get around to it later” only for “later” to never actually arrive, whether by choice or from life getting in the way.

Putting off committing to a payment journey or engaging with us may seem like a short-term fix, just like hoping an overdue balance may just go away somehow. Research shows financial issues are the leading cause of household stress and with the ongoing pandemic, our day-to-day lives have changed dramatically in a small time frame worldwide.

However, the sooner customers address their overdue balance - whether payment in full, payment plans or contacting us - the faster resolution happens and the benefits it brings, like financial fitness, momentum and the satisfaction knowing you’ve resolved your account.

We understand the thought of contacting a debt collection agency can be intimidating, nerve-wracking or fearful. Nobody does cartwheels when learning an overdue balance has been referred to an external agency. However, our team are proud to be on a mission to help erase debt collection’s stigma with empathy and service.


We remove red tape and delays involved with settling accounts through our technology - Visit our payment portal from the link you’ve received in previous communications from us and you’ll see how straightforward resolution can be.

Any communication you’ll receive from us is respectful and polite - we’re real people talking with real people. Having an overdue balance can be challenging enough on its own. InDebted is here to help you resolve this situation with positive, friendly and respectful service options.

Our Customer Service team - with a 98% customer satisfaction rating on Google - are experienced, trained and understanding.


If you’ve been thinking of engaging with us but haven’t yet done so, please reach out to us and give us a chance. It’s our pleasure helping customers resolve balances and we’re always here to help. Take away the burden of having an outstanding balance sitting on your mind and move forward with us, sooner rather than later.

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