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Updated 21/10/2020

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By InDebted

In previous articles, we've looked at receiving communication from InDebted for the first time and how it’s understandable to experience negative emotions like panic, shock and confusion.

Following that initial reaction, it’s important for a customer to respond to this situation. Leaving an account untouched or a message ignored hoping the situation will fix itself does not make resolving an overdue balance easier. Receiving InDebted communication becomes a great opportunity to review your circumstances and decide how to best approach resolving the overdue balance.

There are three approaches customers take when being proactive with their overdue account via InDebted:

1 - Payment in full. The quickest way to resolve an overdue balance and enjoy the benefits of moving on, like boosting financial fitness and removing any burden of having an overdue balance. Payment in full is possible with our easy-to-use online payment portal, which you can access via a link sent in your InDebted message.

2- Payment plan. When reviewing your situation and you determine it’s difficult to pay your overdue balance in one payment, a payment plan is a great choice. Scheduling payments around your budget and pay cycle can quickly add up to significant progress and balance resolution at a manageable pace.

Payment Plan Options

3 - Contact us. If you’ve got any questions on your overdue balance or payment options, please let us know. We’re on a mission to remove the stigma of debt collection and our Customer Service team has earned a 98% customer satisfaction rating on Google. We’re here to help! Contact us by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner of this page, the Contact Us section of our website or replying to your InDebted message.

new and better customer journey

No matter which approach is taken, you’re creating positive momentum in your financial fitness journey in resolving your overdue balance and moving on. With hundreds of thousands of customers successfully resolving their balances through InDebted and counting, everyone is welcome to join us on our mission in erasing debt collection’s stigma.

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