Greater recoveries, happier customers, less hassle for everyone

We’re a different kind of debt collection solution. Our intelligent digital platform focuses on customer experience to deliver increased recoveries and preserve your valuable customer relationships.

Superior recoveries

Get more successful recoveries and reduced churn with our digital-first, customer-focused approach to collections, 24/7 customer service, and compliance expertise.

Tailored offerings

Give your customers the choice to tailor their experience, communicate in the channel they prefer, and choose a payment plan that’s right for them.

Customer experience

Ensure your customers receive personalized attention with our compassionate messaging and a 24/7 customer service team that’s compensated based on outcomes, not dollars collected.

True partnership

Stop juggling multiple agencies across multiple regions. Our data-driven platform brings you the same high level of debt collection support and service in every region.


Greater collection performance*


Data-informed collection strategies


With 1,600+ Google reviews

How it works


Getting started

Getting started with InDebted is easy. Opt for self-serve implementation, or work with our integration team. Once you refer accounts, we’ll automatically start communicating with your customers.



Our platform analyzes how your customers respond, then selects from over 4,700 discrete collection strategies. And it gets smarter with every transaction.


Messaging that works

Nobody likes to be in debt, and we get it. That’s why our messaging is tailored to be understanding and empathetic. We’ll never blame, shame, or hassle your customers.


Convenient payment options

Once contact is made, customers can choose how they want to pay – pay in full, pay in installments, even wait until their next paycheck. We also support discounted settlement offers.


Standing by 24/7

93% of our customers resolve their debt right through our platform, but when they need to talk, we’re here 24/7, with a customer service team that’s compensated based on customer outcomes, not dollars recovered.


Daily payouts and reporting

As we collect payments, we send along daily payouts and reports, so you can reactivate customer accounts right away and avoid potential end of month delays.

Operating expenses, recovery rates, and optimizing your collections strategy

A few of the companies we work with

Our intelligent debt recovery solution scales to organizations of any size, from global enterprises to startups.

What our clients are saying about InDebted

As a global debt collection agency, partnering with InDebted has saved us the time, cost and inefficiencies of needing a new supplier in every region. InDebted is a key part of us delivering our customers a better way to shop, globally.

Jan Hansson

Vice President - Collections, Klarna

Our customers are central to everything that we do and this includes those who have missed a payment. InDebted's partnership has given us the confidence to outsource our collection needs, know that our customers will have a positive experience.

Tracy Glen

Head of Customer Assist and Fraud Operations, Latitude Financial Services

Indebted is an excellent company to partner with and offers a wide range of capabilities to its partners and customers. I love that they are data and insight-driven and pre-dominantly digital

SMB Financial Services Org

Focus on your business, not your collections

Our intelligent solution can help you increase recoveries and preserve valuable customer relationships while you focus on growing your business.