How it works

Focus on your growth, not collections.

Managing overdue accounts takes up time and resources better spent on your business. Let us handle your debt collection needs, leaving you to focus on what’s core to your growth.

A modern digital collection agency for today's customers

Our modern and tech-enabled debt collection platform uses machine learning to deliver personalized communications tailored for each customer, via the channel they prefer, at the best time for them. This customer-first approach delivers you better results, and more engaged, financially fit and loyal customers.

Global partnership

We provide you with the same high level of debt collection support and service in every region, eliminating your need to invest in multi-country supplier management.

Superior recoveries

Our world-leading, digital-first approach to collections, combined with 24/7 customer service and the compliance expertise of our team, delivers more successful recoveries and reduced churn.

Tailored offerings

We offer a tailored experience, giving customers the choice to self-serve, communicate in the channel they prefer and choose a payment plan that’s right for them.

Customer experience

Our 24/7 customer service team is compensated based on outcomes, not dollars recovered, ensuring every one of your customers receives personalized care and attention.

Partnering with InDebted

We offer a seamless onboarding experience that is simple, robust and personalized for each organization’s individual debt collection requirements – no matter how big or small your volumes.

Removing Barriers to Financial Freedom with 24/7 Customer Service

I believe that operating on a 24/7 basis for our customers will empower them more than ever to drive the agenda, engage with us as they choose, and restore their financial freedom.

Resources & Insights

Blog Post

How a tech-enabled approach supports debt collection at scale

As a digital debt collection agency, InDebted's automated platform allows for this without any trade-off to compliance or to the positive customer experiences it provides.
Blog Post

How digital drives worry-free collections compliance

If you're directing much of your organization's time and resources towards growth strategies rather than back-end operations, such as debt collections, meeting the required levels of compliance may be difficult.
White Paper

How InDebted Helps BNPLs Fulfill Domestic and Global Ambitions

In less than a decade, the buy now, pay later sector has expanded exponentially around the world. But this rapid growth has brought its own particular challenges, especially around how to deal with overdue accounts – and it's here where a digital debt collection strategy offers the best solution.

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If you’re new to debt collection, let us be the partner to take debt collection off your hands. Or, if you’re already working with an agency, let us challenge your incumbent provider and see how our custom-centric approach compares.