How InDebted offers a simple and seamless onboarding experience

Sharing your customer accounts with an agency requires a great deal of trust, which is why we view ourselves as your partner, working with you to help you achieve your ambitions. This partnership approach starts with our onboarding experience, with a process that’s designed to be simple, secure and supportive, offering guidance where and when you need it.

InDebted’s VP of Growth Hugo Rajotte says this approach helps businesses get onboard more quickly and easily.

“We support our clients throughout the onboarding process, making sure they understand what’s required,” he says. “Once they’re clear on the steps, we’re on stand-by to provide support whenever it’s needed.”

Outsourcing overdue accounts presents a number of security concerns, especially around privacy. Our data-transfer process comprises leading-edge authentication and practices to alleviate these concerns. For example, we don’t receive any customer files via email as we don’t want any personal information to be passed over the standard internet. Instead, we’ve set up a secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) server to ensure all data is transferred securely. This process is embedded early in the onboarding phase to avoid any potential security problems further down the cycle.

Key steps to going live

Our onboarding process requires just two key steps.

First, you need to generate a pair of SSH (Secure Shell) keys (one public and one private) and send us the public SSH key – an authentication method that grants access to the file servers. After the SSH key is provided, you then need to generate test files – usually account upload and transaction upload files – as per the specification document.

We then undertake quality assurance on these files and check the data is formatted correctly. If there are any issues, we provide real-time feedback so they can be fixed and our team is on-hand to support you at any point. Once the testing process is finalised, we agree on a date to go live when you can start sending and uploading your accounts.

Benefits of InDebted’s onboarding process

Generally, onboarding with a digital debt collection agency is easier than with a traditional one because fewer data points are required. “The data we require is fairly lean,” Rajotte says.

“We only need the main contact details for customers such as name, email address and the balance owed, rather than secondary contacts such as a physical address.”

Scaling is also easier once onboarding has occurred. No matter how much you want to scale, our intelligent product, Collect can meet all demands. And if you want to tweak the frequency of the files you transfer after onboarding, this is done automatically.

“It’s a ‘one and done’ scenario,” Rajotte says. “If clients have carried out the testing once, then they don’t need to repeat the onboarding process, no matter where they want to open up in the world. Also, once onboarded, there’s no more human interaction required; all actions are automatic and seamless, which is very efficient from a time and cost-saving point of view.”

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