How we use AI to increase email payments by 32%

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In September 2023, we launched our custom built AI copywriter to write outgoing email customer communications. Marking the latest milestone on our AI journey, it’s taking collections intelligence and personalisation to even greater heights. Six months later, let’s dive into its performance and impact to date.

How does an AI copywriter work?

The AI copywriter is based on large language model (LLM) technology, which is a type of artificial intelligence. This means it can understand and generate messages in a human-like fashion, similar to ChatGPT.

Currently the AI copywriter can produce all elements of email collections communications - subject lines, click to action titles, headers and the message itself. Here’s a step-by-step process of how it works:

How our AI copywriter works

Impact: Six months on

Our AI copywriter writes emails for customers at different stages of their collections journey. Here’s an example of an email produced by AI.

Email produced by our AI copywriter

When compared to emails written by humans over a 6 month period, the AI copywriter produces stronger results:

  • Increasing click-through rates by 27%
  • Increasing payment plan setups by 33%
  • Increasing pay in full conversions by 25%

AI copywriter impact

Using the AI copywriter, we’re able to trial a broader range of emails across all our markets, at scale. This means we can test how different writing styles, language use and tones of voice resonate best with consumers around the world, at scale.

By design, the AI copywriter will continuously produce even higher performing communications with its performance feedback loop. It learns from individual email performance to write even better ones, sparking greater engagement and conversions. It’s all about understanding how to be intuitive to the needs of consumers in debt, and automatically adapting to their expectations.


The AI copywriter’s first six months have been nothing short of exceptional. With a 32% total increase in email payment conversions so far, it’s a significant step in our AI journey. This technology forms the foundation of our next AI development, due to be launched later this year. Watch this space!

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