We’re changing the world of consumer debt recovery for good.

We’re on a mission to be the preferred choice of customers to support their debt free journey, everywhere. No one can change the fact that debt happens, but we can change the experience for people in it. For good.
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InDebted was amazing in resolving the challenge I faced in a friendly and understanding manner. Now resolved and in a very stress free way. Not an easy recommendation given the nature of the engagement and the current financial climate but if you have go through it better resolved using InDebted. 10/10

Here to challenge everything you think you know about debt collection

Years ago, while looking for a third party debt collection agency on behalf of a client, our Founder Josh Foreman had an idea. After speaking with multiple agencies to understand how they operated, he realised that while customer expectations have changed, debt collection hasn’t.

From accessing credit to buying new shoes, today's consumers opt for transactions that are frictionless and digital-first. Meanwhile, the debt collection industry hasn't evolved far beyond outdated communication methods, intrusive tactics, and pressuring experiences. All too common, these experiences have led people to associate debt with a high level of stigma, with feelings of embarrassment and shame closely attached.

But the reality is, debt is a challenge faced by billions of people around the world. When life can change overnight due to work, family, or health, people shouldn't be punished for falling behind on payments or missing a bill. In the face of economic uncertainty, increased inflation and rising cost of living, it’s all too easy become financially overextended.

Nobody can change the fact that debt happens. But we can change the experience of being in debt, by creating a better way for businesses to support consumers through it.

And so, all those years ago, Josh asked himself - what if people genuinely want to clear their debt, they just need more options and support? Why shouldn’t a debt collector offer people autonomy and convenience to manage their debt as they choose? With a background in computer science and a love for building great products, Josh took it one step further - how can we use technology to achieve this, and make it infinitely scalable to support people around the world?

Our Collect product delivers up to 40% increased recovery performance, while being the world’s highest rated debt collection solution for customer experience. We call it intelligent debt collection. It’s emotionally intelligent, digitally intelligent, and simply intuitive to the needs of every person, everywhere.

Our product is rooted in three key pillars:

We’re digital-first, but that doesn’t mean being digital only. Collect is entirely responsive to how each individual prefers to engage with us - whether that means replying to a message, or jumping on a call. They can self-serve and manage their debt in a way they choose - without having to speak with us if that’s their preference.

Every single message that every single customer receives is personalised by the best time, channel, and content that’s most suited to them. How? Using data science, we know how people prefer to resolve their debt, and the best way of reaching every individual customer to do the same.

Our App enables people to self-serve how they want to manage their debt, while taking personalisation to another level. Payment options, support measures and more are all intuitively responsive to their individual financial position. Most customers prefer to manage their debt through the App, but our support team is always here to help through any channel.

We’re just getting started

Based in Australia, Josh built the first generation of Collect which pioneered the use of email and SMS for debt collection
Our first fundraising milestone of a $1M Seed round boosted our pathway to finding product market fit
We entered into our first new market, welcoming new clients in our neighbouring New Zealand
We raised a $14M Series A and expanded into the Canadian market, all amidst the onset of a global pandemic
We fast tracked our entry into the US market via acquisition, and celebrated reaching 250 employees. We also signed some of the world’s biggest Fintechs as clients, and closed a $25M Series B
We expanded into the UK market, and were named Australia’s Best Place to Work by the Australian Financial Review. Later in the year, we raised $22.5M and doubled our valuation.

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Digital debt collection agency InDebted arrives in the UK aiming to improve sector image