Benefits of Resolving With InDebted

Resolving an overdue balance with InDebted has many positive benefits for customers. Let’s look at some of these in detail together.
Dean Kelly
Written by Dean Kelly
Last updated Dec 09, 2019

For generations, debt collection has been anything but progressive. Agencies have made balance resolution challenging for customers via annoying phone calls, high-pressure tactics and inconvenient payment options.

There are two major flaws with this antiquated approach:

It places customer satisfaction as the lowest priority and it focuses only on one immediate short-term goal - get the customer to pay, and that’s it.

By using inconsiderate communications and thinking only of collecting dollars, traditional debt collection strategies deny customers the service they deserve and long-term benefits from successfully moving on from overdue balances.

InDebted, however, is the customer-first solution for balance resolution.

Here are some of the many benefits customers have when resolving overdue balances with InDebted.


Having an overdue balance can feel like a weight on your shoulders. Recent research shows Australian households have the world’s second-highest debt levels with the stress of managing finances leading to sleepless nights and worry.

This is also reflected in Canada, where it’s estimated households spend over two hours daily worrying about finances while in the United Kingdom, household stress over finances is at its highest levels since 2013.

Put simply, financial stress is a worldwide challenge.

Traditional debt collection’s high-pressure tactics can make an already problematic situation with paying off a balance even worse for customers.

We’re here to help remove debt collection’s stigma and alleviate the pressure customers may otherwise experience with debt collection.

With the ongoing pandemic changing the global economy in unprecedented ways, it’s more important than ever to keep track of personal finances. Resolving an overdue balance via InDebted with our flexible payment options can help remove the lingering pressure an overdue account may bring.



InDebted is designed to help customers be financially fit.


Financial fitness goals are subjective - it might be resolving overdue balances, saving for a car or contributing towards retirement. Regardless of goal specifics, financial fitness is an ongoing journey. When you achieve a goal, you move onto the next one. Having a balance referred to InDebted, therefore, isn’t the end of building financial fitness - instead, it’s an opportunity to reassess your situation and plan your next steps.

Flexibility is a crucial part of any fitness plan - and financial fitness is no exception. We offer flexible payment options to customers so they can choose the journey best suited to their individual needs.

Payment in full helps customers immediately move on from overdue balances. Putting outstanding amounts in the rear-view mirror is a great way to build financial fitness rapidly.

Payment plans are a way of gradually resolving a balance with instalments chosen by our customers. Every payment made is a step towards moving on - and all these steps quickly build financial fitness. Upon repaying a balance via a plan, you may have more room to work within your budget with these instalments no longer required. This might mean after achieving a financial fitness goal of balance resolution, the next goal becomes saving for a weekend away, for example.

By resolving an overdue balance, you are creating positive financial momentum, potentially exiting your InDebted journey with enhanced financial fitness.


Did you know over 90% of InDebted’s customers resolve their balances without speaking to us? Nobody knows your financial circumstances better than you, so there’s no need for InDebted to make all those annoying phone calls traditional debt collection agencies may rely upon. 

Instead, we prefer polite and friendly digital communications like Email and SMS to keep customers up to date with their balance status. 

Our online payment portal is simple to use. We take pride in our service, making balance resolution the smoothest and most positive experience possible. Our hands-off approach means 24/7 payment is available, so customers don’t need to take time out of their day to talk with us to arrange payment. When you’re ready, so are we. 

You can learn more about our industry-leading service here.


If during your InDebted journey you would like to chat with us, our industry-leading Customer Service team is here to help. We have a Google customer review rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars, something we pride ourselves on. We reward our fantastic team on the quality of service they provide, not the dollars collected. We’re always here to help.



Moving on from an overdue balance is satisfying! It’s a genuine achievement in any financial fitness journey and with hundreds of thousands of customers and counting who have used InDebted to resolve overdue amounts, there’s no time like the present to enjoy the satisfaction of putting outstanding balances in the past. We love knowing customers finish their InDebted journeys on a high.


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