Why InDebted is Different

What if collection was approached with empathy, where it becomes an opportunity for customers to enhance financial fitness while enjoying the best service experience? Read on to learn how InDebted is different with our approach.
Dean Kelly
Written by Dean Kelly
Last updated Dec 09, 2019

It’s understandable for customers learning they have an overdue debt to quickly fear worst-case scenarios. We know this from experience, as InDebted was created after our own negative experiences of traditional debt collection. 

The traditional debt collection approach is flawed because it is built on incentivising money received, rather than customer service delivered.

The customer is treated as though having an outstanding debt is a burden, or they’ve done something wrong, which requires the pressure of being pursued by a debt collector. 

A reliance on antiquated communication channels and payment options also slow down the process, delaying the speed a customer can resolve an outstanding balance. There’s often no consideration for the customer’s circumstances nor flexibility in offering different payment opportunities. 

In 2021, this old-school approach to collection is outdated and broken.

It’s a system putting the customer as the lowest priority - but shouldn’t the opposite be reality? Why should an overdue balance mean customers receive an inadequate service? It’s only human to fall off the wagon or miss a payment on occasion. Falling behind with payments is a challenging situation and can require flexible solutions, rather than inflexible demands. Everyone deserves respect and the chance to bounce back from any hiccup in a financial fitness journey.

What if collection instead was approached with empathy, where it becomes an opportunity for customers to enhance financial fitness while enjoying the best service experience? Why not enable customers to complete their payment journeys with easy-to-use online technology? Why not put customers first?

A crucial InDebted value is “the customer is everything”, and it drives what we do in supporting customers during their time with us.


InDebted is nothing like a traditional debt collector - instead, we are reimagining how resolving overdue balances should be for customers worldwide.

There are many customer benefits in using InDebted to settle overdue balances, including immediate satisfaction and confidence knowing resolution has been successfully achieved. Customers may also potentially improve their credit score, for example. Customers opting to pay their balances via payment plans - with payment amount and frequency chosen by the customer - is also a handy way to enhance budgeting skills lasting beyond plan duration. 

Balance resolution can require flexibility, so, if a plan needs updating along the way, just let our friendly Customer Service team know.


InDebted differs from traditional collection agencies through our progression in digital communication methods like email and SMS to keep customers updated with their accounts. We offer customers payment options and leave the decision-making to them. It’s a streamlined process putting the customer first.


Digital communication means none of the phone call bombardment or door knocks that traditional debt collection has relied upon for generations. Our online payment portal is easy to use, so customers don’t need to spend copious time just to make payment. Two minutes is all it takes for a customer to select how they’re resolving their overdue balance and to make a payment or set up a payment arrangement.

Online payment also ensures customers don’t need to share payment method details over the phone. Over 90% of InDebted customers resolve their account without talking to us.

There’s no better way to support customers than by delivering incredible service, and our Customer Service team is available and ready to help should there be any questions. With our 4.9 out of 5 stars Google customer satisfaction rating, customers can be assured they’ll receive industry-leading service. 

Every step of an InDebted payment journey can be a positive step forward in financial fitness. We’re here to help make a difference and erase the stigma of debt collection. To visit our online payment portal and make a payment, just click here and log in with your secure code.