Answers to our frequently asked questions.

If you are experiencing financial difficulty we want you to know that we are always here to help however we understand that there may be times where you need a bit of extra help that we can’t offer. In these circumstances we recommend that you seek free, impartial and independent advice. Below are a few companies that may be able to help you:


0800 138 1111


National Debtline

0800 808 4000


Citizens Advice Bureau


To contact InDebted you can either call us on +44 808 19 6788, email us at info@indebted.co, send us a text on +44 7723 421654 or follow the instructions on your recent communication and begin a live chat with one of our team.

We sure do. Just select Help Centre from our Customers menu at the top of this page to access our regularly-updated online help centre, packed with helpful content to support your financial fitness.

Please provide the reference number for your chosen avenue and the name of your insolvency practitioner or their company. We will update our records and deal directly with the providers who are assisting you.

Please respond to our communications letting us know you do not recognise the account and we follow up with you shortly.

InDebted will never make any changes to your credit profile. However, our clients may inform a credit bureau about the status of your account.

This will depend on the client, type of product, how much you owe, and how old the account is.

When an account is referred to us, the account holder’s verification details are securely passed onto us. To protect account privacy and to comply with the UK Data Protection Act, we request these details be verified before proceeding to ensure we are talking with the account holder.

We are sorry to hear that you feel that we haven't provided the service we would have wanted to.

Please visit our complaints procedure here to see how to make a complaint and the next steps.

You bet! We don't even charge payment processing fees.

Many companies partner with InDebted to help their customers easily resolve overdue accounts. This could happen the day after you miss your first payment or perhaps after you have missed a few.

In any case, people partner with us because we make the process easy and do it better than anyone else :)

We are a new kind of debt collection agency. One focused on customer experience and providing people with the tools they need to easily resolve their accounts.

Yes! Our fantastic Customer Service team is ready to help on Live Chat.

We receive your account balances directly from our client. It is possible that they have added additional fees or that further amounts are now also payable. A member of our team can assist you in confirming the details of your account.

If you are still getting messages from us it means that our records still show that the account is outstanding. Not all of our clients update us in real time so there can be a delay in syncing between our systems. Simply respond to any of our messages to let us know and we will confirm and update our records.

In the United Kingdom, you can consult the Citizens' Advice Bureau for advice on debt-management and credit file checks. Visit the Citizens' Advice Bureau Website for more information.

We are here to help and can get you to the right solution!

Follow this link to your online account, or get in touch with us via the phone or email.

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