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7 min read
Debt collection industry predictions for 2024

Now more than ever, it’s time for credit providers to reassess their collections strategy to ensure it can withstand the flow on effects of a few tumultuous years going into 2024. Keep reading to learn how to prepare, what’s in store, and our expert tips.

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Keeping you in the loop with our product releases, performance updates, and future plans

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Google and Yahoo spam updates: How we achieved a spam rate of 0.2%

Collections emails impacted by new spam requirements? See exactly how we achieved a user-reported spam rate of 0.2%.
eye 1 min read

How we use AI to increase email payments by 32%

Collections communications not landing with customers? See how AI-written collections emails increase payment conversions by 32%.
eye 4 min read

The ins and outs of our Product Roadmap

Get the inside scoop on what's in store for our product, Collect this year.
eye 4 min read

Why 86% of customers prefer to self-serve in debt collection

Stay on hold or do it yourself? Self-serve is the new standard in debt collection. See why it’s a win-win for your customers, and your business.
eye 5 min read

5 ways our product is the perfect match for BNPL customers

With demand for BNPL services projected to surge, what do BNPL customers entering collections need to get back on track?
eye 2 min read

Using machine learning to meet customers exactly where they are, in real time

Our latest machine learning model that creates a responsive, intuitive collections journey for every customer.
eye 2 min read

8 ways compliance is built-in to Collect

Navigating the compliance landscape in debt collection can be complex, but with Collect, it doesn't have to be!
eye 2 min read

How we use large language models (LLM) to personalise customer communications

Personalised customer experiences set intelligent debt collection apart from the rest of the industry. To take personalisation even further, we’ve developed an AI copywriter within our product which uses large language models (LLM).
eye 2 min read

Launching Spanish language capability in Collect

Now, Collect’s new end-to-end Spanish experience can support more of your customers in the United States, in their preferred language.
eye 2 min read

How machine learning personalisation increases payments by 7%

Introducing Collect's latest machine learning model, the message recommender
eye 3 min read

Using voice AI to help customers maintain their payment plans

See how Collect uses voice AI to help customers maintain payment plans
eye 3 min read

How we use machine learning to create 20% higher email payment conversion rates

Read about our latest machine learning model, the message scheduler and how it makes sure emails land at the perfect time
eye 6 min read

We asked real people in debt what they wanted from a debt collector

Read what real customers want from debt collectors and how we’re taking it forward
eye 2 min read

Access visibility into your customers accounts’ performance with our new Portal feature

Read about our latest client feature and how it enables real-time access into how accounts are performing, and more
eye 2 min read

View InDebted’s commitment to security with our Vanta trust report

Access InDebted’s Vanta trust report to see how we keep your business and customers safe