Research & Development (3)

InDebted is on a mission to change how the world thinks about and handles debt and financial fitness. We've been recognised by AFR BOSS as the Best Place to Work, not just because of what we do, but how we do it. Our team is over 300 strong, spread out over 11 countries, and we're growing. Fast.We are in the look out for exceptional people to connect with to join us in our journey toward becoming the default debt collection fintech, globally.You should consider joining us if you:• Get excited about owning a feature from an idea to live. At a large scale.• Love learning not just the tech, but the why behind what you're building.• Believe that a good day's work means making a difference alongside people you respect.• You've built things that scale and know your way around complex systems.• You get the fundamentals of CS, engineering principles, and why testing matters.• You can talk about complex ideas clearly, whether you're speaking to a coder or someone not technical.Tech StackGo, AWS Serverless (think Lambda, SQS, SNS, DynamoDB, Aurora, PostgreSQL, Sagemaker,...), Terraform, BuildKite, GitHub, OpenAI, Netlify, React JS.
Full-time / Remote
The Data team at InDebted focuses on developing machine learning models, AI solutions, BI solutions and data transformation processes to accelerate our disruption of the traditional debt collection industry.By utilising the rich datasets we have accumulated from communicating with our customers via digital-first channels and other innovations, we are able to efficiently deliver significantly better collections performance results compared to our peers.The first remit of this role is to be laser-focused on monitoring collections performance and partnering with various stakeholders to develop the roadmap for improving collections performance across all verticals. The second remit of this role is to be the leader of 20+ team members within the analytics discipline. You will be leading and managing a talented group of insights analysts, data analysts, analytics engineers and technical project managers who will be executing on delivering their objectives.This is an exciting opportunity for someone who has already excelled at managing an analytics team, data science team or actuarial science team.
Full-time / Hybrid
  Our engineering principles are primarily based on collaboration with Pair Programming, small feedback loops with Test Driven Development, Trunk Based Development and Continuous Deployment, backed by a foundational layer of Infrastructure as Code, Observability, a Zero Bug Policy and accountability with Collective Ownership.How we work: We have a lightweight process. We do pair programming and we have a strong focus on knowledge sharing. Our teams are self-organised and cross functional.
Independent Contractor / Remote