Omnichannel debt collection

Make it faster and easier for customers to get back on track with a frictionless omnichannel experience.

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Higher performance than voice based strategies

Inbound and outbound, voice and digital. Omnichannel debt collection maximises every single customer touchpoint to drive higher liquidation. 

Engage customers on the channels they prefer

70% of customers who open an SMS make a payment through our online portal. Don’t rely solely on traditional methods such as letters and voice - engage customers in a way they choose, in real time, with digital-first support.
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Streamline your customer experience

Isolating channels creates a disjointed customer experience. With Collect, you can offer a consistent, highly engaging omnichannel collections voice.
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Omnichannel means being available to support consumers through a variety of channels. This includes webchat, phone, email, SMS, and self-serve functionality. But it doesn’t stop there - what makes omnichannel different from simply offering two or more communications channels lies in the consistency of the experience. True omnichannel enables customers to continue the conversation exactly where they left off. If their last contact was an email, the agent answering their call should be able to see their full contact history, supporting the customer to a seamless resolution.

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In traditional third party debt collection, 78% of calls are blocked. Using multiple channels to engage customers is now a non-negotiable for any modern collections department. And in every interaction, customers expect you to know their journey so far to provide individualised support. Omnichannel debt collection enables you to continue the conversation with a customer, regardless of what channel they use to engage. The result? Faster resolution, a connected experience and engaged customers.

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Our omnichannel debt collection has three core pillars.

1. Personalised outbound communication

No two customers are the same, why would their collections journey be? We use machine learning and artificial intelligence to inform every aspect of our outbound communication. Our models create a unique experience for each individual, based on their personal preferences and behaviour. Down to the time a message is sent, all touchpoints are maximised to craft a collections journey that customers want to engage with.

2. Customer experience

To support those who need a helping hand, our specialist Customer Experience team is available globally across all voice and digital channels. With over 2300 5* reviews from customers across the world, they’re always ready to help customers turn things around.

3. Self-serve customer portal

86% of customers referred to InDebted get back on track independently, using our customer portal. More than just a payment platform, it lets customers manage their account end-to-end at their convenience - without the barrier of speaking to an agent first. This lets us get out of the way, so customers can get back on track.

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Simplifying collections for global businesses

The only global collections solution. Our omnichannel debt collection is geo compliant and multilingual, so you can provide your customers with a seamless collections voice.
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Benefits of omnichannel debt collection
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Improved customer experience
Engage customers through the channels they prefer, in real time, with the information they need to manage their accounts with ease. Customers are seven times more likely to successfully resolve their accounts if they can contact our team through email, rather than voice.
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Faster and higher liquidation
Enable customers to choose how and when they manage their accounts. Delivering 40% higher liquidation than voice only collections, and 282% increased engagement using digital channels.
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Our omnichannel debt collection is infinitely scalable to support high volumes of accounts. Unlike contact centre based collections, its automated nature means there’s a with low reliance on agent headcount to engage customers.
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Intelligent by design
Machine learning models power our Collect product’s outbound collections communication. Predicting how, when and where customers prefer to be contacted generates a 30% uplift across all core metrics for success including open rates, through to payment plans created.
Industry leading results powered by InDebted’s omnichannel debt collection
“Customer Experience is critically important to Trustly, and InDebted’s omnichannel collections approach is core to how we support our loyal customers when they miss a payment.” — Rakesh Teckchandani, Sr. Director Risk Product, Trustly
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How does omnichannel communication improve collections?
It’s all well if your agents are expertly trained on negotiating collections calls, but if a customer has to start the whole conversation again when they choose to email you, you might be missing a trick. Learn how to execute omnichannel debt collection in your strategy.
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How does omnichannel debt collection work in practice?
It’s all well if your agents are expertly trained on negotiating collections calls, but if a customer has to start the whole conversation again when they choose to email you, you might be missing a trick. Learn how to execute omnichannel debt collection in your strategy.
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Evolving your strategy beyond linear to intelligent
Not ready to jump into a new collections partner but keen to evolve your strategy? We’ve shared our learnings and insights in this guide to help you power your collections performance.
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Benefits of a seamless, digital approach to debt collection
Why does digital debt collection perform higher than traditional channels? Omnichannel is key to the success of a digital-first approach. Keep reading to learn why.
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