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We are a new kind of debt collection agency. One focused on customer experience and providing people with the tools they need to easily resolve their accounts.
You bet! We don't even charge payment processing fees.
Many companies partner with InDebted to help their customers easily resolve overdue accounts. This could happen the day after you miss your first payment or perhaps after you have missed a few. In any case, people partner with us because we make the process easy and do it better than anyone else :)
InDebted will never make any changes to your credit profile. However, our clients may inform a credit bureau about the status of your account. This will depened on the client, type of product, how much you owe, and how old the account is. Chat to our team, we can help you look into this.
If one of our clients has listed your account with a credit bureau then paying this account will result in the record being updated to show that the account is now paid. This, along with other factors, can help to improve your credit score over time.
There are a few free services in Australia to check your credit score. We recommend WisrCredit, they offer a free service that checks against multiple bureaus.
If you are still getting messages from us it means that our records still show that the account is outstanding. Not all of our clients update us in real time so there can be a delay in syncing between our systems. Simply respond to any of our messages to let us know and we will confirm and update our records.
Please let us know about your circumstances and provide your bankruptcy reference number. We will update our records and deal directly with the providers who are assisting you.
Respond to our communications providing as much information as possible. A member of our team will assist you in resolving this matter.
We receive your account balances directly from our client. It is possible that they have added additional fees or that further instalments are now also payable. A member of our team can assist you in confirming the details of your account.
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