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Actualisé 16 nov. 2020

Customer-First Service

By InDebted

Picture this scene. 

It’s 4:45 pm on Friday, and a customer suddenly receives a phone call while at work from a debt collection agency. The caller says the customer owes a debt and immediately demands urgent payment. 

The customer’s head is spinning - they're a loyal customer with the business they’re overdue. They’ve never missed a payment before, so this is a new experience for them. On top of this, the customer can’t recall receiving prior notice from the agency about the balance.

With the customer’s mind now racing, they understand they must have forgotten last month’s payment which now sees this collection agency impatiently seeking money they don’t have in their weekly budget. 

Next week’s budget, however, might be a better fit if the customer can have some time to plan in advance instead of this sudden phone call. The agency continues impolitely looking for payment immediately though, this late on a Friday afternoon.

What the customer does not realise is the agency may be rewarding workers on how many dollars they collect weekly - meaning the caller may be increasingly desperate to generate immediate payment before the close of business that week. Payment next week could mean missing out on this week’s incentives.

This type of experience is a result when a collection agency places dollars collected ahead of customer service.

Even if the customer had immediate payment available, they may be hesitant to pay over the phone because they prefer online payment. They also like identifying their best payment option in their own time instead of while at work.

Regardless of the call’s outcome, the customer has been subjected to a terrible experience and hardly the way to start their weekend positively. There's simply no consideration for the customer at any stage in this process.

As you can see from this example, this traditional debt collection model is broken and instead why InDebted has helped over 350,000 customers and counting with industry-leading service with a new approach.

We put customers first.

Communications customers receive from us are polite, respectful and helpful - digital methods including Email and SMS are our most-used, while any letters or phone calls from us remain considerate and empathetic.

We offer 24/7 safe and secure online payment, removing the awkwardness of sharing personal payment details over the phone. Our online payment portal is designed for ease of use. Custom payment plans are available, so customers can review their payment options to find their best fit without the need to be on a phone call to do so.

Plans can be scheduled around a pay cycle so customers can budget in advance for payments. Customers also receive a payment confirmation to their nominated email address for peace of mind.

Our Customer Service team are a click away for any questions customers have. Our team is rewarded on the quality of service provided - it’s another way we put customers first.

Paying an overdue balance with InDebted is an opportunity to boost financial fitness while experiencing the best in customer service.  

To visit our online payment portal, please click here and log in with your secure code.

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