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Actualisé 21 oct. 2020

Communication en ligne avec InDebted - InDebted Help Center

By InDebted

Digital communication is transforming society in ways even a decade ago seemed hard to imagine - so why shouldn’t debt recovery be moving with the times?

InDebted’s number one goal is delivering the world’s best customer service experience. It’s our process over outcome belief - we’re empowering our customers’ journey towards financial fitness. We truly trust our customers and care for their wellbeing and our digital communication puts our words into action.

Research shows “consumers who are contacted by debt collectors can suffer personal stress and real or perceived reputational damage.” That's why InDebted takes our customer communications with utmost responsibility.

Our polite and caring digital communications are written and used by real people for real people. We encourage customers to share account circumstances so we may best support them in a custom financial journey.

Our customers increasingly prefer online communication and with the COVID-19 pandemic changing every facet of our lives, our online platforms are tailor-made to support our customers remotely. When you talk to InDebted, you’re speaking to real people. We supply the tools and ongoing support to back your journey with us. 

Yet just because something works now doesn’t mean we’re going to sit back and chill. We know we need to show why we have our industry’s highest customer satisfaction rating on Google in every single step of every customer journey. We’ll continue enhancing our online payment portal which empowers customers to pay their balance without speaking to anyone if they wish. We’ll update our communication methods as our customers prefer.

And we’ll continue delivering the world's best customer service experience, day after day.

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