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Actualisé 21 oct. 2020

Flexibilité des paiement - InDebted Help Center

By InDebted

Getting out of debt with InDebted is an experience thousands of customers have benefitted from, and so can you.

We understand the anxiety of discovering an overdue account balance is now being looked into by a debt agency. Seeing an InDebted email or SMS appear for the first time can be a shock, as even with the best of intentions customers can sometimes overlook a balance or be unable to pay a bill after years of paying on time.

Receiving InDebted communication though shouldn’t be treated as a bad thing - it’s a tremendous opportunity to boost your financial fitness and put your debt behind you. An ever-growing number of clients partner with us because of our customer-first, respectful approach. Our Google Customer Review rating is 4.9 out of 5 stars and we're on a mission to erase the stigma of debt collection.

Put simply, we trust our customers and have an exceptional team dedicated to providing the best customer service so the InDebted customer journey is smooth and empowers you to be in the best position to enhance financial fitness.

With paying your overdue balance, we provide two options with each having its own unique advantages.

Payment in Full

A one-off payment to resolve your account. This is the fastest way to move on and improve financial fitness. Our online payment platform processes your payment without you needing to talk to anyone. Payment in full also ends any further communications with InDebted on the balance.

Payment Plans

Custom instalments to pay your account at a pace best suited to your budget. You select the frequency (weekly/fortnightly/monthly), instalment amount and choose from the available payment methods. Payment plans are perfect for customers looking for a longer-term approach to resolving a balance.

We encourage you to research your best option. No matter your payment choice, committing to paying your account is a massive achievement to get out of debt. Our amazing Customer Service team is always ready to help you and with our industry-leading technology, resolving your account has never been simpler.

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