Access visibility into your customers accounts’ performance with our new Portal feature

Introducing our Collect product’s newest client feature, the Portal.

Enabling you to access the data you need, when you need it, without having to wait for a monthly report. The Portal opens the door for you to see granular details like how a specific customer is responding, as well as the bigger picture, such as total amounts collected.

Not only will the portal increase your visibility, it goes one step further. It enables you to manage your data and perform basic actions, like updating customer contact information or recalling accounts.

Let’s explain how it takes digital collections to the next level.

Recall, confirm and analyse data

The portal empowers you by providing real-time access to make certain changes and updates to customer accounts internally, with superior data on how your referred accounts with InDebted are performing. Its functionality lies in three key benefits:

1. By-the-second visibility of referred customer accounts.

In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to see:

  • How many customers have been reached?
  • How many, and which customers have active payment plans?
  • How many payments has a customer made so far?

2. Make changes and updates for your customers, when they need it.

Basic actions that clients have previously had to request be actioned from our end, such as updating customer information or recalling an account, can all be managed by your internal teams through the portal. This saves you time, enables faster resolutions, reduces customer complaints, and provides a better customer experience.

3. Superior analytics and insights - in real time

Our clients choose to partner with us because of the advanced analytics and insights we can provide into portfolio performance - from granular to the bigger picture, for example:

  • How many of my customers have set up payment plans in a specific month?
  • Is there any seasonality when customers find themselves missing payments?
  • What form of communication is the most effective with my customers?
  • What demographic is responding best to email?

Using this data, your team can gain a deeper understanding of your customers, who they are, and how they interact with their debt. You can then apply these insights internally, placing your team in a stronger position to make informed, strategic decisions that can foster sustainable growth.

Our portal opens the door for clients to manage the parts they need themselves, while leveraging InDebted’s intelligent collections product to work its magic. It will give you the oversight and ownership you need, without any of the hassle in between.

In the long-term, clients of a certain size such as startups and SME’s will be able to load overdue customer accounts and unpaid invoices directly into our system through the portal. Not only will this save these clients time by reducing onboarding processes, it means that their customers will enter our ecosystem faster and start their journey to repayment.

Streamlining common requests

Our team tracked 5,280 client requests received in 2021 and 2022. They found that typically, requests fall into the following categories:

  • Recall: Clients need an account to be recalled - this can be for various reasons, such as the customer has already paid their balance directly to the client.
  • Confirm data: Clients want to confirm whether an account is with us, or what the balance on that account is.
  • Update: Clients want to make amendments or update customer contact details.

Interestingly, 80% were in the first two categories - recall and confirm data. This indicates that you need access to specific customer information - whether it’s to double check the details, or to take action.

Putting your needs at the forefront, every iteration and Portal development will be driven by client feedback, ensuring that we’re creating solutions that give you measurable impact.

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