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I've successfully cleared my debts how can I manage my finances moving forward

Congratulations on becoming debt-free! We are not able to provide financial advice, but here are some tips we’ve found to help maintain your financial health:

  • Manage your money
    • Budgeting - Plan and manage your money
    • Financial counselling - Free help to sort out your money
    • Save for an emergency fund - Be prepared for life’s surprises
  • Plan for your future
    • Saving - Start a habit and reach your goals sooner
    • Grow your retirement fund - See how to boost your balance
    • Develop an investing plan - Six steps to get ready to invest
    • Financial advice - For when you need the professionals
    • Life insurance - Financial security for you and your family


Check out these resources for financial advice:

Remember, InDebted is here to support you on your financial journey. If you have more questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us.

Note: InDebted’s content, information, and services are intended for educational and informational purposes only and do not constitute professional financial advice. Our information should not be used for making financial decisions and any reliance upon it is at your own risk. We recommend seeking advice from a professional financial advisor regulated by the relevant authorities in your country (ASIC in Australia, FMA in New Zealand, SEC in the U.S, FCAC in Canada, FCA in the UK) before making financial decisions.

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