Getting What You Deserve

We know at InDebted what customers deserve - the best service experience imaginable. Read on to learn how we deliver this for you.
Dean Kelly
Written by Dean Kelly
Last updated Dec 09, 2019

There’s a popular saying: “you get what you deserve.”

Traditionally, debt collection through a combination of angry collectors and impersonal communications has gotten a reputation as a horrible customer experience.

There are two ways to look at this reputation.

From the collectors’ point of view, it’s fair to say the negative perception is usually sadly deserved. Placing the bottom line by commonly using menacing phone calls and threats of legal action ahead of customer experience means debt collection is hardly viewed positively. 

But take a look at this reputation and experience through a customer’s eyes. How does a debt collector door-knocking sit with a customer? Is leaving a customer afraid of opening their mailbox in case there’s another threatening letter in red ink demanding attention what they deserve? In what world is a customer being treated like this a deserved outcome?

That’s why InDebted is changing this broken industry’s reputation so customers get what they truly deserve - the best service experience imaginable.


Having an overdue balance may already be a burden weighing down on a customer’s mindset or wellbeing. It shouldn’t be an excuse to start bombarding them with payment demands and escalation threats. It shouldn’t be a permanent setback to their financial fitness journey.

What it should be though is a chance for a customer to get back on track with this journey and done in a way leaving a positive lasting impression far beyond settling the amount.

Instead of the traditional barriers debt collection has put in place complicating a customer’s experience - think antiquated communication methods and impractical payment options - we make settling a balance with us super straightforward.

We use digital communications like email and SMS because that’s what our customers increasingly prefer. We send an account link in these communications which leads to an online portal. From there, the time taken to confirm a payment journey from available options is under two minutes. All online, all secure, all for ease of a customer.

All communications from us are polite and respectful. Our customer service team is always ready to help and incentivised on the quality of service they deliver customers.

We know at InDebted what customers deserve - the best service experience imaginable. Talk with us and you will see in full effect we’re ensuring customers get exactly what they deserve.