indebted platform

The InDebted Platform

From day one we have been committed to building the world's most sophisticated collections platform.

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Our platform solution is typically suitable for large credit providers (such as those in the lending or utilities industry), with $50M+ of credit on issue. If this doesn't sound like you we recommend exploring our managed services.

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So what's under the hood?

Everything you need to scale a collections team to comfortably manage billions of dollars of debt under management, all whilst providing an incredible user and customer experience.

Sophisticated Omni-Channel Communications

Reach customers via any channel all from within our platform.

The right message at the right time.

Powerful Payments & Reconciliations

Our payments engine provides a range of options for your customers, along with next day disbursements to your account.

Absolutely no other fees.

Self-Service Customer Engagement Portal

Stay up to date with what is happening on your debts with access to our online client portal and support team.

Free 24/7 online support.

Robust API's and Integration Solutions

Our RESTFUL API makes integrating with our platform easy. Our webhook service can notify you of updates in real-time.

Get connected quickly.

Airtight Compliance & World Class Security

Our compliance firewall enforces compliance at every step. This reduces risk to your business, without a significant cost.

Code-controlled compliance.

Powerful Reporting, Analytics & Machine Learning

Our proprietary technology and exceptional staff allow us to outperform our peers across a variety of industries.

See our results and you won't look back.