A Data Driven Approach That Drives Higher Performance at Every Stage of the Collections Cycle

From creating activity pipelines to optimising your workflow, our collections acceleration software ensures you’ll crush your recoveries goals, remain compliant, and boost customer retention .

Flight Preparation

Fuel your collections rocket with data, lots of data.

Integrate with your source of truth, import your customer records, enhance your data, enable smarter segmentation.

Easy Import & Integration

Leverage traditional CSV upload with enhanced data-mapping abilities or integrate directly with our RESTful JSON API.

Enhance Your Data

Gather data from our numerous sources to enhance your customer records and empower your portfolio segmentation.

Smarter Segmentation

Segment your portfolio and activities to offer customised strategies that drive strong engagement and improved recovery rates.

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Lift Off

Support your entire team to operate at rocket speed.

Combine sophisticated automation with powerful productivity tools to set your team soaring and keep them smiling along the way.

Build & Automate

Quickly produce engaging content and automate delivery through defined campaigns and workflows.

Productive Engagement

With a complete communication suite, predictive dialer, task management, and intuitive user interface you will have a productive team and engaged customers.

Service With A Smile

From payments to hardship, from disputes to self-service portals deliver a convient and effective service, every time.

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Space Exploration

Drive continuous improvement with analytics & machine learning.

Embedded analytics at your fingertips show you what works while our machine learning models drive long term value.

Embedded Analytics

Use our analytics features to understand your operations at an entirely new level.

Machine Learning

Our data scientist's are constantly refining our models to enable further optimisation and insights into your business.

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The InDebted platform delivered significant improvements to our business and ensures that we can provide our customers with the best possible experience to clear overdue accounts.

Jason Yetton

— CEO, SocietyOne

Ready To Make Your Team More Effective?

InDebted is more than just software, it is a playbook for collections success.

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