Arrears Management

InDebted assists large scale enterprise clients to help remedy their customers who fall into arrears with repayments. We offer a 'digital first' approach to our strategies, which means we prioritise contact via digital channels rather than more traditional outbound phone call and physical letter based dunning processes. Customers of today want to be contacted by email, SMS or messaging services and also want the capability to speak to someone over the phone if required. InDebted offers all of these options via its proprietary platform that also ulitises real time data and behavioural analytics to determine the best type of channel to contact each individual customer and what content to serve.

Our goal is to have your customers self cure via user friendly payment options that are available to them 24/7.

InDebted understands how important your customers are to you and undertakes arrears management using your client branding so that your customers are kept happy with a seemless experience.

The pricing models for arrears management vary but typically include a fixed fee per account per month.

Let us help your customers.