What Makes a Good Letter of Demand?

by Josh Foreman

If you have been chasing a debtor trying to recover money that you are owed, but have so far been stonewalled in your attempts to get in touch via phone or email, your next step will likely be to write a formal letter of demand. A demand letter is an ...

How Can a System Collect Debts? - Part 1

by Josh Foreman

At InDebted we embrace technology that allows us to collect more debts in less time than our competitors. We are undoubtedly the most technology driven debt collection agency in the Australian market, employing considerably more software developers than collection officers. Our proprietary collections platform is designed to reduce the manual ...

5 Things to Look for in a Debt Collection Agency

by Josh Foreman

Put the money back in your pocket with these 5 tips. The scenario is this: someone owes you or your business a considerable amount of money and is dodging your calls, ignoring your emails and just generally being evasive. You are out of ideas for how to handle the situation ...