We help the financial health of our customers

We support our customers to become debt free by providing customer centric, data driven debt collection services to leading organisations around the world.

Our Story

Our vision is simple. We want to erase the stigma of debt collection.

We are a group of technologists, engineers, data scientists, marketers and client service specialists who obsess about one thing; improving client outcomes when it comes to debt collection and receivables management.

A Humble Beginning

In early 2016, InDebted was founded around one fundamental question, could the use of technology and data both improve recovery rates within the debt collection industry while at the same time making the client experience better for all involved?

This led to more questions - How will traditional credit management services change over the next 30 years and what will they look like? What role can we play in changing an industry with a history of distrust and a lack of transparency?

We started by building and using our own platform to help small businesses in Australia with the recovery of their outstanding invoices. This served as the foundation on which we built our service offering. Our business has now grown to serve the needs of large corporate and enterprise customers in the financial, telecommunications, utilities, government and debt purchasing sectors.

From Small Business to Enterprise

Our services began to gain recognition as we achieved liquidation rates up to 300% higher than our clients incumbent providers and it was clear that our fresh approach was making a difference to all involved. 

This early success helped us to gain the support of a wide group of investors including Australia's leading fintech venture capital firm and one of the largest banking and financial services companies globally.  

As we scaled and worked with leading companies we decided to hyper focus our service offering to specialise in the collection of large volume consumer debt using digital communication methods. We collect via both 1st and 3rd party channels and seek to provide the best experience for our clients and their customers alike. 

Now and what comes next?

Today our service offering is used by incredible organisations from ambitious global startups to the largest publicly listed corporations. However, we are only just getting started. We have barely scratched the surface of what it is going to take to make a truly positive impact in this industry. To champion a fresh look on a difficult industry may have started in Australia, but it requires a global mission. Stay tuned! It's going to be an amazing journey.

Our Journey

It Begins

InDebted is established by Josh Foreman after he had experienced the antiquated way traditional collections processes worked in his previous business.

November 2016
Reinventure Partnership

Reinventure invests in InDebted's seed round to help grow the business.

April 2017
Carthona Partnership

Carthona Capital leads the Series A funding round for InDebted with follow on from Reinventure. InDebted rapidly scales and onboards major enterprise clients in Australia.

Feb 2019

InDebted is hiring world class engineers, product specialists, data scientists and customer service specialists to help us change an entire industry!

Onward & Upwards

We challenge the status quo.

Our team are an innovative group of like-minded individuals disrupting the collections industry. We are obsessed with continuous improvement and work tirelessly to deliver an excellent experience for our customers.

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